Friday, October 5, 2012

Source Qualifier Transformation and its Properties

Source Qualifier Transformation is an active Transformation. The reason is the output rows count can be modified by using option like "Select Distinct".

There are various properties in Source Qualifier transformation which are very useful for us like

1) We can get the Output from Source Qualifier as Sorted by using the property called "Number of Sorted Ports".

2) We can filter in the Source level itself so that unnecessary records wont be taken into for further process using the Filter property.

3) We can use the "Select Distinct" property to Avoid the Duplicate output from Source Qualifier.

4) We have option to write Pre and Post Sql ., Which will be executed before and after the main Query.

5) We can use the Custom / User defined Sql property to write our Own Sql , So that output is generated based on that.
Note : When we use a user defined/Custom Sql , the Select distinct , Sorter , filter ..etc wont work as it will be overridden by the Custom Sql.

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