Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Transaction control Transformation

Lets discuss about transaction control transformation in this video :

I will show you a scenario using transaction control statement and explain you wen it has to be used.

Here we can see three components

1) expression trans

2) transaction ctrl t/f

3) target

The source for us is the emp table of scott schema

the requirement is to split the source rows into different flatfiles based on the dept number.

that is:

dept no : 10 , 20 ,30 need to splited and saved in seperate files

We can ask a question like "why cant this be done easily by a router"

yep a "good ques : the answer is "wen the dept no changes dynamically how we will be able to get the router groups to change??

So this is how this scenario is handled..

here we have filed where we are checking this condn : IIF(v_DEPTNO_2 != DEPTNO, 0, 1)

if a dept number comes for the first time then this will be zero and our transaction control t/f will create a flatfile with corresp rows.

filename is a field used to provide name of flatfile which need to be generated dynamically.

Based on the column where we gave condn the tc t/f does the following commiting activity

here wenever a new dept number comes a commit is been done and a flatfile is created and one imp note is "the input has to be sorted initially"

In this way the files are created on each dept numbers

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