Friday, July 13, 2012

Creation of Relational Connection!!

The First Question which comes to our mind when we are hearing the Word Relational connection is "How it is different from ODBC Connection".

The Answer is: ODBC connection is nothing but just a mapping to Database (Oracle or SqlServer whichever we use). It is responsible for importing the meta data but in other hand the relational connection is something which holds the data itself, It will fetch the data from Database to Target whichever we select(Target here is Nothing but the Source (in case of importing data) or Target (in case of exporting Data).

Please Find the Below Screen to Know how to create a Relational Connection :
  • Open the Workflow Manager , Connect to the respective Repository & Folder.
  • Click the Connections Menu in the Menu bar.
  • Click on the Relational Connection Option.
  • Now , Click "New".
  • Select the Database , Currently we are working on Oracle , So we will select Oracle in dropdown.
  • Click ok
  • Now Below Screen Will appear
  • In Name Text box , Give any meaningful name to describe the Connection.
  • In the Username and password boxes , please fill appropriate Schema name and password.
  • In connection String box , Fill the Oracle DB name . DB name which was used to create Database.(eg: ORCL)

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