Sunday, July 15, 2012

Union Transformation

Lets Learn about one of the often used Transformation in Informatica. Union Transformation , by reading the name we can say that this transformation is going to combine the data's .Yes this transformation is nothing but the Union operator which we will use in Oracle.
Select ename , eno , sal from emp1
Select ename2, eno2 , sal2 from emp2

This is just a simple example of how union is implemented in Oracle.

Lets see how the same is implemented in Informatica.
  • Create the Source by selecting the create icon or by importing from Database.
  • Create the target in the target designer by using the create icon or by importing.It can be a table or flatfile.
  • Create the union transformation and link the columns from the Two sources as shown below
  • Create the mappings by linking the Source -> t/f -> Target as shown below
  • Create the Workflow in Workflow Manager by selection the session and giving the proper mapping name.
  • Run the Workflow and check the Status in Workflow Monitor.
The Main point one has to remember here is the Union Transformation in Informatica Works like "UnionAll" of Oracle. 

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